Thu. May 12th, 2022

Before actually making any cartoons it is important to know how to make cartoons. There are many different strategies and skills that are implemented in the process of making cartoons but the important thing to remember is that none of them are better than others. It really depends on the type of cartoon you are trying to make. The look and feel of the cartoon only really needs to benefit the creator and the viewer. 4anime

The first thing to consider when making a cartoon is the audience. Who are you making the cartoon for? Usually for every audience there is a particular method and style that works best. If deployed properly you will not only attract an audience but you will ensure yourself a future project. Anyone was has watched a cartoon before always likes to see another. Therefore if you consider your audience right away you can design the cartoon to fit the audience off the bat. That doesn’t necessarily limit your creativeness but allows you to streamline it giving it more direction.

The next thing to consider is what type of style you want to employ in this cartoon. Are you going for something more abstract? Do you want to use characters that are really defined and colored? There are lots of different styles to cartoons. Again none of them are better than the others; they each just meet a certain niche of the industry.

Think about some cartoons that you have seen before. Try to visualize what the characters looked like and how they were drawn. Now switch the drawing styles and ask yourself if the cartoon would still be appropriate? More than likely the styles are too different to cross well. We have begun to visualize a certain style to represent a certain character or show.



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